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Pig Pak Plus by Dr. Wallach

Pig Pack by Dr Wallach Item #: PIGPAK

You will find two bottles of Majestic Earth® Minerals, two bottles of Majestic Earth® Ultimate™ Tangy Tangerine, one bottle of Ultimate™ E.F.A. Capsules and one bottle of Ultimate™ Gluco-Gel Caps.

All the items in this PigPak® make up Dr. Wallach's "essential 90" nutrient health program.

Dr Wallach's Pig Pack

  1. 2 Bottles of Majestic Earth ULTIMATE TANGY TANGERINE
     Majestic Earth ULTIMATE 
    32oz 13201 - Ultimate Classic

  2. 2 Bottles of Majestic Earth Plant-Derived Minerals
    13203 - Minerals -
  3. Ultimate Essential Fatty Acid (E.F.A.) is a blend of Flax Seed oil and Borage oil. Item # 20641 60 Soft Gels-
  4. Bottle of Ultimate Gluco-Gel
    120 Capsules Item # 21251 - Ultimate Gluco Gel Capsules -


  2.  Minerals              2
  3.  EFA - Soft Gels 60 1
  4.  Gluco Gel Capsules 1

Pig Pack Formula

Pig Pack Plus:
  1. Minerals 2
  2. Ult Tangy Tangerine 2
  3. Majestic Earth Osteo-Cal
  4.  EFA - Soft Gels 180 caps
  5. Gluco Gel Capsules

Pig Pak Plus


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