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      ArthryDex 1 lb Supplement facts Item #: 71601

Dr. Joel Wallach, a veterinary pathologist for 30 years has formulated vitamin and mineral supplements for all animals and more specifically for dogs, cats and birds. The pet products are manufactured under strict control to maintain the quality, purity and consistency of all ingredients.

Quantity: $30.00 Wholesale $36 Retail 

  ArthryDex 1 lb Supplement facts Item #: 71601/CASE of 4

Our cornerstone product is ArthryDex - for almost all animals. Not just for the animal with arthritic or hip problems, ArthryDex supplies the daily needed vitamins and over 70 trace elements as well.

Quantity:  $120.00 Wholesale Case of 4

P E P Pet Drink  More data #72000 discontinued

 Given daily, PEP is both an animal treat and vitamin supplement. PEP is economical and convenient. discontinued

Quantity: discontinued

Quantity: discontinued



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