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Rebound Fx™

 The Nutritional Answer

Rebound Fx™  is aRebound Fx™ Citrus Punch Powder, 360 g canister - More Details specially formulated liquid supplement for individuals that work out or work hard.. Sports Tech is a blend of special nutrients that the athlete or worker uses during the course of their routines. In addition to Majestic Earth Plant Derived Minerals, we have added 8 vitamins, 3 major minerals, 18 amino acids and much more.
 Rebound Fx™  is the answer to this nutritional need. For adults who exercise frequently, Rebound Fx™ helps to replenish essential nutrients lost during these activities.
 Each quart of Rebound Fx™ plant derived colloidal minerals contains a natural assortment of 100% full strength Majestic EarthPlant Derived Minerals.
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Sports Drink Supplement with Colloidal Minerals for an Active lifestyle!

1. Refrigerate after opening, and store in a cool environment.
2. Mix one ounce of Majestic Earth Sports Tech to at least 10 ounces of filtered water.
3. Drink the mixture before, during and after the activity.
As with any nutritional supplement program, seek the advise of your healthcare professional.Rebound Fx™ On-the-Go Pouches Citrus Punch – 30 Count Box - More Details

Majestic EarthSports Tech #13208 - 32 oz. -

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Sports Tech vs. Gatorade

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